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Frequently asked questions:

Q: If I turn-up on the day will I be able to run?
A: No, We do not accept any entries on the day. The Race is usually sold out six weeks before the event.

Q: Are there age limits for entering?
A: Yes, the minimum age for running the Half Marathon is 17.

Q: If I’m a slow runner am I going to be right at the back and embarrassed?
A: No, not at all. We have a very wide range of competitors of all ages and speeds. A good many will be first time event runners. Although we will start to withdraw marshals after 2½ hours the race finish will remain open and you can be sure of a grand welcome. We also offer an early start if you feel that will be of benefit. We start early starters at 10:30 for those that will take about 3 hours to complete the course.

Q: How do you tell us the results?
A: These will be posted on our web site (usually the day after the event) and also on John Schofield’s excellent web site UK

Q: If I do need to ask anything else who do I contact?
A: Contact the Event Organiser: Michael Childe.


Q: How can I find out what the course is?
A: See the map of the course (
pdf file) further up the page.

Q: How do I get informed about the details of the event?
A: If you have registered by post, we will send an information pack out to you (normally from beginning of January). If you have registered and requested your details by email, then this is what you will receive, so please remember to write your email address very clearly. If you have registered on Bookitzone, then the same will apply as per email responses.

Q: When do I receive my race number?
A: All numbers and Race chips are to be collected on race day from Race HQ. This way we know how many people have set off and we can account for everyone at the finish.

Q: What do you spend my entry fee on?
A: Your fee is spent on the costs of organising the event and then any profits go to local good causes (if you would like details of these local good causes we’ll gladly give you details). All the people involved in organising the event are volunteers and give their time free.

Q: What can I do to help?
A: We are always looking for extra volunteers who can spare some time on race day. Please contact the email address above if you feel you can help.

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Any race queries please email Michael Childe -

Liversedge Half Marathon

2018 Date

18th February at 11:00am


Please contact Gemma on 07986 944393 for further details.

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