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VIRTUAL GRAND PRIX – August 2021 This month there be 2 races that will count towards the overall VGP – as well as the route shown below, we have added Dewsbury Park Run as well. This must be the official Park Run on a Saturday morning. For those that couldn’t make the Summer Handicap race, the results of which will also count toward the current VGP, Michael and I will be organising a one-off event, probably on a Sunday to get a time recorded. Date TBA. Route map as below and will also be posted on FB . (5.453 miles) – Left out of the Centre, down Roberttown Lane and Headlands. Pick up the Greenway and follow all the way onto Carr Lane (this is where there is a barrier across the Greenway), loop round the barrier and return, coming off at the Golden Fish, left up Huddersfield Road, right up Lumb Lane, back through village to the Club.

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10K training programme - beginners

10k training programme - intermediate

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marathon training programme - intermediate

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