grand prix & training

grand prix 2020

Qualification rules apply – please see below.

The 2020 Grand Prix has been replaced by a virtual Grand Prix for the remainder of the year, August to December 2020.

There is one race route per month, with the whole of the month to complete the run and submit time to Michael Childe.

The five GP race routes are:

August – Summer Handicap

September – Scholes Loop

October – Roberttown 7

November – Dewsbury Park Run

December – Xmas Handicap (Grey Ox)

The Committee is hoping that the December route will be run as the Xmas Handicap on 13th December as usual, with Club social afterwards.  However, if this isn’t possible the December route will also be a virtual run anytime that month, as per the Aug to Nov routes.

training programmes

10K training programme – beginners


10k training programme – intermediate


marathon training programme – beginners


marathon training programme – intermediate


rrr training manual